Counselling in Longford

Welcome to my website. Sometimes in life, it can be very useful to talk to a trained and experienced counsellor. Here in Longford, I provide counselling which is caring, compassionate, and effective. I love being a counsellor, and I feel privileged that people trust me to help them in their time of difficulty. Whether you are an individual or a couple, counselling provides a safe, calm place, where you can talk about your problems, and where you will feel listened to and understood. If you are a couple, each person will have a chance to talk without interruption.

Most couples come to see me because of arguing, recovery from an affair, or pre-marital counselling. Individual clients come to see me for a variety of reasons, including anxiety, depression, lack of meaning in life, recovery from relationship breakups, adjustment to major life changes - indeed, anything which is causing distress. Whether you come as a couple or as an individual, I aim to help you achieve resolution and clarity, and to begin to experience a feeling of balance, and peace of mind.

I am trained and qualified in both couple counselling, and counselling individuals.
  • Couples 65 for 75 minute session
  • Individuals 50 for 60 minute session
  • Daytime, evening, and weekend appointments available to suit your needs
  • Phone number and email address are on the contact page
  • For more information about me and my qualifications, click the about me or FAQ links.
  • I was featured in "Therapy Today", the journal of the British Association of Counsellors and Psychotherapists.
Couples Testimonial: "We did not really want to be here, but with your help, we got our relationship back on track. The bit we liked best was being able to talk openly and honestly without a fight starting. Thank you so much!"

Individual Testimonial: "Hi Chris, Thanks very much indeed for the help. It was really helpful (and pleasant) to speak to you. It made me realize a few things I didn't pay enough attention to before our conversation. I have now returned to [place], and found I have conquered my fear of [problem]! There are still occasionally some related sentiments coming back, but I think you've given me sufficient professional suggestions on how to cope. Thank you so much for the help and for being so kind and considerate all the time!"

Individual Testimonial: "Thank you Chris, for being beside me during my darkest hours."

Counselling in Longford is just a phone call away. If you need help, phone me on 085 114 5649, for a quick chat to see if counselling is the right thing for you.